Chances are you’re aware of the damage curling or straightening irons can do to your hair. Did you know that the way you’re drying your hair can also affect its health if you’re going about it too harshly? Hair becomes weaker when it’s damp as it becomes stretched to its full elasticity, so it’s important to be careful about how you go about it drying it.

Let’s take the blow dryer for instance. If you use high heat, if the blow dryer is held too close to the head, or if you continue to blow-dry despite the hair already being dry, it may affect proteins and bonds. Your hair may, as a result, become prone to split ends, in addition to being weaker and more fragile. When blow-drying, stick to low or medium heat and hold the blow dryer at least twelve inches from the scalp. You may also wish to look into a spray that protects hair from heat.

It’s common to towel dry the hair, but are you doing a bit too roughly? A coarse towel can damage the hair cuticles, resulting in frizzy hair while preventing it from absorbing moisture. Instead of a coarse towel, consider wringing water from the hair with your hands and use a soft towel of cotton material to absorb the rest of the water. A t-shirt is also an option.

As mentioned, wet hair means more sensitive strands. Brushing the hair when it’s wet increases the chances of it snapping. What you want to do is use a comb or brush with medium to widely spaced teeth, making sure to begin at the ends and gently working upwards. A de-tangling spray is also a great idea.

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